Toy Little Chef 43 Pcs Set

Little Chef 43 Pcs Set

Description :

3 in 1 Little Chef Kids (43 PCS) Kitchen Play Set with Light & Sound Cooking Kitchen Set Play Toy –Box is more Convenient to carry

3 kind of different sounds .The Light, Dine-Oven can be opened. Let the children have more hands on skills—Ready to start work with 43 pieces kitchen tools This kind of a set will help them give way to their imaginative and creative nature and will also help them learn how to manage and control things at the same time. This toy has been popular since a long time.You might have even played with this kind of a set and now you might think about buying one for your kid. There are various companies which make the toy kitchen. They are usually available in different designs.Looking for a suitable toy set for your kitchen? These days' people look for toy sets which will not only help their child to play but also learn at the same time. One such toy set is the toy kitchen set for the children.The cooking sets that they include are more or less the same. The materials with which the sets are made might also differ. Wood toy sets are usually more common. With the help of the toy kitchen you can incorporate different kinds of values in your child. There are lots of benefits of this kind of toy sets.


Handy and easy to carry

It is foldable and become :

1. Suitcase with Handle

2. Luggage with wheels at bottom

3. Little kitchen space for you children

Simulation with music and light play house kitchen set

It is suitable for both a male and female baby educational toys.

A fully equipped kitchenette that is your baby's favorite!

Simulated cooking cooking sounds, with a light gas stove, "ignite" red "flames." Very realistic! ! !

To exercise the baby's ability, language, organizational skills, thinking skills, interpersonal skills! ! !

Suitable : 3 years old +

Product size : 72 X 31 X 24.5 CM

Length - 60cm

Width - 7cm

Heigth - 43cm

Toy Little Chef 43 Pcs Set

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